Monday, 19 May 2014

Now, where were we?

Hi everyone.

I'm sorry for being so bad at keeping as up to date as I should. It seems like time just passes me by and I keep thinking I should update but then I forget and before I know it it has been ages since I posted.

So after the last post of excitement of losing five and a half stone I lost another pound the following week, but I then had a couple of tough weeks, first with a half a pound gain (just before star week) .. Then the following week was star week and I gained another 2lbs. I get so sad when this happens, even though I know it's just the way my body is at that time of the month. It was more frustrating this time around because it took me behind my five and a half stone award which I had already got, then I felt like I no longer deserved it.  Crazy!

Everyone reassured me I'd be fine and I would make up for it but I wasn't convinced (It's like I convince myself that I am failing and this is it - very silly!)  Anyway. after the two weeks and 2.5lb gain I went and lost 4lbs and then 2.5lbs the following week, so it seems that everyone was right.

So I'm now at a total loss of 5 stone 12 lbs. So close to the 6 stone, baby!  I also went into the next stone bracket on Friday and my god, it made my day so much! The problem now? ... This week I'll be due on again and the following week I'll be on, so who knows what they'll bring. It's so unfair that my period can possibly mess up two weeks of my slimming each month! Grr!!

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