Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I just wanna talk.

Yep, as the title says. I just want to talk, or write. No specific things on my mind, basically just a jumble of thoughts about my journey so far and how I am feeling.

This Friday will be my one year anniversary of joining Slimming World. I can't quite believe it, time has really flown by. When my consultant pointed out that I had lost 6st 1.5lbs in a year (plus/minus whatever happens this Friday), I shrugged when everyone else was applauding me and saying that it was amazing. I said to my friend beside me that I wasn't sure if that was really that great, she told me in disbelief that is was half a stone per month... It sounds good like that.

I think part of the thing with me is that I was losing quite rapidly when I first joined, and I want it to always be like that! I knew it would slow down and regulate more as I went on.. I just feel that I lost a large chunk of that 6 stone in the first 6 or 7 months, since then it's been slowing more and more, with gains creeping in.

It shouldn't bother me, I know this. I always realised this would happen, we just always want more, don't we? Anyway, that's a small thing that I am coming to terms with, it's never going to be like it was at the start, since when I joined the change in my lifestyle was a huge shock to my system, and now my body has become used to the way that I have changed my bad habits.

And I really have changed them.

I like the fact that my body is used to it, that it almost expects good things.. Does that sound utterly ridiculous? I feel like it might! What I mean is that pre-SW I ate whatever the hell I wanted without caring - now I am conscious... I am so proud of that change that I have made.. It really is massive for me, someone who knew nothing about what eating well was, I never understood and I didn't care.

So let's talk about some of these changes. The hugest is just being aware of what I eat, how good or bad it is, whether I should or should not put it into my mouth, there was no question before - if I wanted it, I ate it. So there's that. Also, drink.. I know SW say that Diet coke is fine to drink and is syn free, but everybody knows that fizzy drinks aren't the best thing in the world for you. I now drink 2 litres of water a day, every single day (unless I am away and I don't keep up with it quite as well).. I do not and never had been a hot drink person, it was always diet fizzy drinks.. Not diet because of the health thing, just because I preferred the taste. Now I don't remember when I last had a drink of diet coke! I do have some in the pantry and I do treat myself to a glass sometimes, but it's a treat.. never did I think a diet coke would be considered a treat.  Oh, I do also use it in diet coke chicken, which is a total meal fave for me and my boyfriend!

So anyway, my one year is coming up on Friday, I am interested to see how I'll do this week, I've been focused and on it and I am hoping for a good result. The following week I am going to see my family for a week.. I dunno how that'll go.. good and bad days I guess, but I will not go totally off track. I cannot allow myself to do that.

Okay, that's me for now. This was totally rambly and from the top of my head. There will probably be more to come!


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